Friday, 2 May 2008

Thinking allowed

Ok, following on from my previous post. No cycling but some thoughts about the rules that govern existence instead. (And we won the pub quiz).

1. The game of football only exists as a theoretical possibility until the kick off.
2. It relies on there being rules that apply to the theory before it can 'be'.
3. The rules of football are 'Something must go somewhere within a given time. If so, repeat until given time expires'.

Football may have arisen from our wish to kick a stone or any light enough object and others' wish to copy or experience the same obvious satisfaction in the act of kicking. The 'players' may have thought they were making up the rules from that point but, all they were doing was understanding the rules that already pertained to the game and adapting them to fit their collective, negotiated aim. Rules governing competition and aggression in us all.

The 'Game' of football can be created, like Subbuteo. But it doesn't 'become' until the rules are applied.

So, by my reckoning, the 'rules' were there before the event. Just as we can say that black holes consume all matter and energy and associated 'information' held and shared by active particles. The mystery is a wonderful conundrum with a rulebook at it's centre and no players until someone finds a ball.

Cern and the LHC may throw a ball our way. We may not understand what it is.

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