Thursday, 31 December 2009


I feel I have been remiss, no attention to this detail in a few weeks. Mea Culpa.

This prolonged snap has caught many of the neighbours unawares. Those of us without the luxury of four wheel drive vehicles venture out with trepidation and a 'Twenty In Second' philosophy.

Those with the luxury seem to have a different outlook. The likelihood of allowing a small green Ford Fiesta a black bit of road with a reduced chance of ditching seems proportional to the cost of their conveyance.

Short wheelbase Landrovers with long service and Sheepdogs co-driving are liable to stop and allow your passage. They could move aside with ease but are aware of the likelihood of their having to pull you out in the event of an angular accident.

Four by Four Jeep copies are unlikely to move, not trusting the axles to operate as they should and probably being unaware of the small button marked Diff Shift in the gear well...

Then there are the Porche Cayenne, BMW 328 i xDrive 4dr All-wheel Drive Sedan, The RangeRover ('I should really be in Iraq but thought I'd stay and keep an eye on you at home..') and the Mitsubishi Animal. These will edge gradually over to your side of the road, emphasising the relative value of one of their tires and insisting that you spend the afternoon at 45 degrees, trying to get a signal.

Happily, I have opted to stay in and invent a new bird feeder. Based on two empty fizzy water bottles and soon to be published as a 'How To' on Ehow. (I shall alert when done).

Meanwhilem, I shall evaluate the efficiency and get back to you with results. Since hanging it, filled with protein rich food, two Willow or Marsh tits have shown interest and the afternoon squadron of Long Tailed Tits fed rapidly.

It may look elaborate, but it serves seed better than other DIY bottle feeders since it need not be topped up to the level of the bottom hole every time. We'll see!

This lad needs no such nonsense. He arrived in the garden on Christmas morning, accompanied by the distant sound of a Twelve Bore fusillade. I like to think he escaped a seasonal hanging.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Another branch...

an experimental scratchpad.. quicker and dirtier than Blogger... we'll see....