Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Is it a bird? Is it a... No, it's a bird...

I am painfully aware of friends and others stranded abroad or worried about schedules and school returns but it has been a lovely few days. The awareness that, not only are there no vapour trails nor constant rumble of jet engines but that there was no chance of any has been a very real breath of fresh air.
Not since I was very small has there been an absence of air traffic. The atmospheric ambiance returned to pre flight days. The birds predominated both here at home and in radio interviews.
Now I see, there may be further disruption. And still no one for the british public to blame!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

The simplest solution.. buy a skinflint..

As an avid fan of Occam's Razor, a self confessed skinflint and a seeker after the truth about retail scams I am proud to announce the result of my recent year long research into the continued sharpness of razorblades without resorting to pyramid power to keep them usable.

In April last year, I bought a razor with a twin blade. A Wilkinson's Sword or Gillette G2 or some such.. I noted that replacement blades were upwards of £7.00. Having determined that skin is leather and therefore, technically a strop, I determined not to buy another one until it became unusable.

My razor has reached it's anniversary and I am still in full possession of my face. I shall now make use of this data to found a new line in male grooming.

The Occam 'No Gimmicks' Razor which I shall bang out at £30.00 along with my 'Emperor's New Jeans' self adhesive Eezee Peel bottom label (rrp £199.99).