Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I am starting to feel less like I am on holiday. The snowy weather and the unfamiliar positions my muscles have found themselves in as a result are telling. Teetering from muddy spot to muddy spot has awoken aches I had forgotten. Pangs and twinges remembered one by one as childhood, winter unemployment and off season holidays are triggered in response to body memories.

A new routine is not something that comes easily. Encouraged by others to adopt a regular regimen, I am struck by how external influences have been invited to form them for me over the years. Resentful of the sometime monotony and predictability of employment and joining in the universal resignation of the employed has been a game. The rules have been easy to follow. I shall now be making them up as I go. It will be interesting to see how the manual comes on. Mindful of the perils of lining up the pencils and straightening the ruler before beginning. I intend drafting and redrafting. I should be able to approach the process as I have along the way. By doodling in the margins and allowing my attention to wander.

Friday, 3 December 2010

This does, indeed. change everything! 

If this opens up as it seems likely to, and following a silly little 'second item in the news scedule behind the royal wedding' we should be looking at the world in a very different way.