Wednesday, 30 April 2008

There.. for comparison..

Cousins, I'll be bound.

Hidden pictures.. my other passion.

Does anyone else see these two lads in the Carina Nebula? (Thank you The Guardian Science Course booklet).
Alien form reminiscent of the original 'Navigator' from 'Alien' and a Graeco/Roman type soldier on his left...


It is raining stair rods here in Whitley Bay. No cycling tonight I think. I'm just not that committed.

Other's attempts to understand

In 1993 William Waldegrave put a challenge out to the scientific faction in parliament. Whosoever could explain the concept of the Higgs Boson particle (God Particle) on one side of A4 would win a bottle of champagne.
The winner described Margaret Thatcher wondering through a cocktail party, her hangers-on sticking to her like treacle.
This is hardly new thinking but, it's barely concealed plagiarism earned the illustrator his bottle.
The origin is an identical parallel without the sycophancy, attributed to Higgs himself and readable at the excellent Origins website.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Why bother?

Ironically, I intend bettering my 15 mile round trip. Whilst contemplating the end of all things. The stopping of matter. At the Cern Large Hadron Collider where, in May, (or more likely, in the Autumn the way these boffins are going..) there will be an attempt to open our understanding.

Hopefully, my girth will reduce and my weight be more evenly distributed as a result of my bettering time. I fully intend applying the cyclical rhythm to my daydreaming and try to understand a little of the physics as I go.

Tonight, after work, I cycled from Links Avenue in Whitley Bay to Seaton Sluice, on to Blyth, left and uphill to the Bedlington Roundabout and back to the Coast via Seaton Delaval. The route is varied and not too taxing. I can do the measured 15 miles in almost exactly 60 minutes. I aim to better this by distance, The time will take care of itself.

I have inherited my bicycle. It has had three previous owners but has been very well looked after and a bargain when I got it. I swapped it for a bottle of Malt Whisky. A previous favourite heart medicine of mine.

I shall post my progress and some pictures of the route as I go. Here's the first map (hopefully!)