Saturday, 3 April 2010

The simplest solution.. buy a skinflint..

As an avid fan of Occam's Razor, a self confessed skinflint and a seeker after the truth about retail scams I am proud to announce the result of my recent year long research into the continued sharpness of razorblades without resorting to pyramid power to keep them usable.

In April last year, I bought a razor with a twin blade. A Wilkinson's Sword or Gillette G2 or some such.. I noted that replacement blades were upwards of £7.00. Having determined that skin is leather and therefore, technically a strop, I determined not to buy another one until it became unusable.

My razor has reached it's anniversary and I am still in full possession of my face. I shall now make use of this data to found a new line in male grooming.

The Occam 'No Gimmicks' Razor which I shall bang out at £30.00 along with my 'Emperor's New Jeans' self adhesive Eezee Peel bottom label (rrp £199.99).

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billthequill said...

as ever thank you for a morning smile and chortle

'The Occam' has a good solid, 19th century ring to it. I presume advertsing will be done on tin plate and put alongside such classics as 'Virol for groing boys'