Friday, 2 May 2008

Thank you Niraj!

Dark Matter..

Thank you Niraj, for the text and links to the Audio for The Last Question..

A remarkable sequence of tales, linked by inquisitiveness and a written a mere 20 odd years after the conception of Dark Matter by Fritz Zwicky

Isaac Asimov casually drops the expansion of our universe into this wonderfully economical tale. By doing so, says more in a sentence or two than most of us can manage in an afternoon!

I have read and enjoyed this several times. It never fails! You may listen to chapter 1 here.

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Anonymous said...

did Werner Heisenberg like cats, whether alive or dead or maybe hovering twixt one state and another? I know he liked playing schubert's The Trout, his family joining in on cat gut strung instruments - I doubt nylon was available at the end of the war for stringing up fiddles and like. Deep matters.
curious, Altrincham