Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Strings, trees, Poppy and Topology..

The warm weather brings an opportunity to mow the lawn for the first time this year. (Well, mow it successfully without having to pull great lumps of wet sod from the blades every five feet).
We have planted trees. In an attempt to offset the guilt that comes with driving, heating, eating, sleeping, breathing etc..
This means a puzzle every time I get the equipment out. The extension cord must accommodate the trees and vice versa. It's Topology. Like the Topology that applies to string theory via Donuts and Scissors and Kettles... I am no further forward, theory wise. The existence of particles in different states, in and across different dimensions is visible as a 3D model, just. but I am better able to understand the 'Stringness' of Super string theory as I entangle and disentangle without electrocuting myself.

"Topology becomes an important tool in superstring when it is treated as quantum mechanical object. This branch of mathematics is concerned with smooth, gradual, continuous change of geometric shape. For example, a square can be continuously deformed into a circle by pushing in the corners and rounding the sides. The essential rule is that no new hole can be created in the new form by tearing. Some topological equivalent objects are shown here.."

And stretching the cord around the trees and realising the loop lies outside, I can see the parallel here..

Sorry about the image detail. The original page may be seen here.

Poppy, our cat, hid in the low branches by the lawn watching me mow. When I turned the mower off, she ran into the house. But not until I'd seen her.
Hmmm. She goes to the vet tomorrow night for her final inoculation booster.

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