Monday, 26 May 2008

Earth, earth. earth.

Listening lately to the increasingly anxious boffins deliberating whether or not 'We are alone' I am struck by the macrocosmic possibilities for viewing this problem.

No one is particularly surprised when they come across a clump of growth in an otherwise arid landscape. The conditions necessary for the inception and maintenance of this small patch of vitality are rare but not impossibly so.
The coming together of shade, sun, water and seed is successful in single occurrences and may be separated by hundreds of miles of 'empty' desert.

Why should our happy coincidence be different? Our nurture is dependent upon so many more influences and is mitigated against in potentially catastrophic ways. It is tempting to understand our small patch as 'Miraculous' or 'Unlikely'.

Neither is true.

Simply because we are protected from destruction by The Earth's magnetic field and because our atmosphere sustains us. Simply because we are equipped to 'see' light and 'feel' heat. Because we are able to grasp the concepts of creation there is no logical presumption that we have been 'Placed' here.

Prevailing circumstances encouraged us.

We took advantage.

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