Friday, 2 May 2008

Dreaming about rules and games..

Idly wondering, whilst waiting to feel comfortable enough to cycle. The existence of the universe,'became' in the fraction of a morsel of a sliver of a split pica second after the 'thing that happened'. That then progressed very quickly, to there 'being' elements.
There followed a near eternity of, oh, say, a second or so before the whole 'thing' became cool enough to allow the formation of molecules.

All this depend on there being 'rules' that apply to the elements (players). They conform to the 'rules' conveniently. Each of the players performing as they do naturally but the whole process 'becoming' a universe.

The rules that we commonly accept as governing our universe are merely additional tweaks. A bit like saying that 'The Eroica' exists because Beethoven wrote it. It really exists because of the rules governing vibration of string and reed, the production of sound waves on percussion of stick and drum and brass.

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