Tuesday, 14 July 2009


The nest is not coping well with the combination of wind and rain that hooks around the eaves.. I looked at the derivation of the word Wasp and found all dictionaries from Collins to Wicki in accord.

The foundation of the word is in recognition of what they do best not what they do to us.

Their creative skills are on the wane. The inhabitants of this paper lantern are getting feisty...

I am alerting them by just observing them now. I fear the imminent arrival of apples and soft fruits. When fermented, they offer a reward for the hard work during summer.. with the inevitable effect on mood and impulse...

Meanwhile, just below, where the fence meets the gate under the nest I have hung a condominium for Ladybirds and anything else that fancies a quiet spot over winter. Hopefully, when occupied, this may offer the foundation of enough predators to make Rose spraying unnecessary next year.

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