Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A great deal from a well established loan company?

Apparently, there is a 'Too good to miss' offer from a Latvian loan company. They invite applications for loans guaranteed by the temporary lodging of the borrower's soul.

The local Catholic cardinal has become incensed by this threat to the immortality of the spirit and is calling for government intervention..

An interesting paradox. The church continues to demonstrate it's insecure grasp of it's own conviction whilst lending credence to it's 'rival'.. Supposedly learned clerics fighting the corner for an omnipotent being whose take on this usury is already acknowledged as variable.

It might be wise to convene a refresher weekend for the upper echelons..
perhaps entitled, 'Dignified Silence.. a powerful persuasion'....

They just can't help it. Cowboys the lot of 'em!

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