Friday, 31 July 2009

And then there are those...

There are those who's dignity in death reminds us of simple, effective vitality that went before.

Bobby Robson has contributed so much to us all, football fans and pich bystanders both. He has achieved that most enviable accolade. A life demonstrably lived by personal credo.

“The first ninety minutes of a football match are the most important.”

“Maybe not goodbye, but farewell.”


Lynda said...

I was lucky to be at the match on Sunday for Sir Bobby's charity. The atmosphere was fantastic.

This great man arrived in his wheelchair,something that I thought I'd never see,and the emotions that ran around St. James park touched everyone.

Tears were flowing freely,songs were sung,but I think everyone there knew that the match was Sir Bobby's swansong,his last public appearance.

I kept sneaking looks at him from my seat & he sat there for the whole game,looking as if he was in charge & I believe he was.

I was distraught when I heard the news that Sir Bobby had died,but I think that he died a happy man,33,000 people were at his match,33,000 people cheering for him,33,000 people thinking the same as me,I'm glad I was there.

RIP Sir Bobby,you'll be a legend in death as you were in life

Lynda x

Richard said...

Thank you Lynda.. I am inadequate to the task and am grateful for your far more eloquent tribute!