Saturday, 18 July 2009

Here we go....

The residents of Morpeth are holding their breath this weekend.. A walk down to Warkworth today brought a bit of a flood of memories together with a sense of relief at being highter than the water table.

The river is empty of birdlife. A family of mallard gave it a go between the bridges and were seemingly rudderless for a hundred yards before clambering ashore again. This family settled between the bank and the road. Waiting it out.

Across the road from this pile of white...


Some structures here are more used to it.

The river is contributed to by a small stream, a hundred and twenty household insurance defying meters down from and left of the house..

It provides a rush of white noise when in spate.


Tardyon said...

Some great pictures there, Richard.

Richard said...

Thank you. I have to 'loosen up' though I think. I was far more 'Left Brain' before!