Saturday, 27 June 2009

While the queen thrives, the king is dead..

An arrested developer, caught in a bramble bush of abuse and halted at the age of his father's last barb. A manchild who's preference was fun and games, him and Mcauley Kulkin reading comics under duvets and eating Oreos and giggling as adults. A father in his turn with no understanding of the language or the rules but not an abuser, no evidence of serial behaviour.
A great, great talent who carried the double burden of The King Of Pop and the Naughty Child In The Restaurant whilst his siblings looked the other way and took the cash.

I adored his work with Quincey Jones and Gordy Berry.. He was never a Motown Soul presence but he only just missed out on recording with Miles Davis and without him, there'd be no Prince....

I have grown up alongside him and watched with mounting horror.

Listen to 'Thriller' and marvel at the technical brilliance that he encouraged in others. Read this messy formulation from Montreal.. Too late to edit I think. A great piece.

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