Saturday, 27 June 2009

Two birds, one window, two endings..

A flurry of excitement this morning as a baby Bluetit found it's way into the bedroom through an open window and met Molly. She carried it downstairs and began that necessary 'Red in tooth and claw' gameplay they do..

I separated her from her intended entertainment and put it in the garden.
The Tit survived and Molly took to her bed.

A juvenile Blackbird was not so lucky. Deciding to fly through, rather than around the glass, it landed in my courgettes and expired.

Only the second bird to attempt to fly through the house, a Greenfinch tried it the other week and landed at my feet, stunned.

I guess if one of us was hurled into plate glass at speed, we probably wouldn't make it... The Greenfinch took a breather and went back to the feeders..

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