Saturday, 20 June 2009

Nesting still..

In light of the arch anti architect's recent scandalous scuppering of Richard Rogers latest building project, I am heartened by my decision to leave the paper house alone. I am dismayed by Charles' seeming untouchable status when his or his family's wishes come before those of the more creative, worldly and valid (IMHO).

Please watch the Guardian interview with Steve Bell accompanying the link.

The industry continues and the population are quietly getting on with collecting small insects from the cotoneaster and roses, thereby contributing to the garden's ecology.

By chance, I came across a fledgeling project in the garage roof. It had been started and abandoned, possibly last year. The process of providing a roof over the imoportant pupal chambers can be seen here..

Fit for purpose, social housing, cooperatively constructed and in balance with the environment. With the additional benefit of the sacrifice of the Princes at the end of the season and the abdication and hibernation of the Queen. No Christmas speech then. A new, architecturally enthusiastic prince in the spring..

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