Sunday, 24 August 2008


I have, at last begun cycling again. Just in time to perform a circuit the same circumference as Cern.. At least, that's the idea.

I made my way along the Wansbeck today. Forgot water and had to rely on the comfort of strangers for free hydration. I reminded the Kitchen Garden at Meldon Park that I had bought a bottle of Chablis there a couple of weeks ago but I think I would have been offered the water with the same open welcome had I been cold calling..

The previous visit was prompted by my immediate and unquenchable desire for Chard.. The outside barrow promised it and I went at it with a kitchen knife, supplied by the bemused proprietor.

This is how it looked today.. following all the rain we have had. But I left my wallet so had to come home without greenery...

En route, I hung over bridges to find Northumbrian Pyramids..

Rewarding, rain soaked foliage and mossy stonework...

Very rewarding!

Working back towards home, the river gets wider and deeper. The silt and brush collects against the piers..

Until, they become occluded

But no worse for that! A watercolour series to follow.. There, I have committed. *gulp*!

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