Sunday, 23 August 2009

South Bank.. Covent Garden.. South Kensington

Against all expectations, £7.50 bought an all day pass enabling quick and easy access to everywhere in London from Thames Ditton. I later found that one quick visit to the interweb brought a textback service to the phone. Type 'A' to 'B' and send to 60835 and instantly the best laid travel plan arrives. (Here's the web version)

Trains, buses and the underground excel in both the small and larger aspects of the journey. If this comfort and efficiency can be maintained at such a scale, how come the Northern transport system smells of .. well, just smells?

The temperature stilled at much more manageable twenty five, a walk to Hampton and the biggest breakfast ever set us up for tramping round the South Bank of the Thames.

The day was easily taken up with guided and unguided tours of Tate Modern. Highlights included Pollock, Rothko and Bacon..

..and this, a combination of the three... spied in the bottom of a tub of frozen soup. The only food available at home.

Next.. the museums.

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