Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Fields of Gold

A walk across the local field of barley the other day. Having seen the recent news about crop circles, I realised that I had no idea about the texture or substance of the raw material.

A gate, half way around the field led to the local tributory to the Coquet......

...where I came across two simulacrae of variable quality.

The missing lion from the fourth plinth:

..and an elephant, poorly subsumed into the fabric of a beech tree..

Enthused by my discoveries and keen to find more faces in the hazels, I chanced a trip over the brook, chose to progress over a wet slippery log and fell in.

The next five minutes found me, Gollum like, fishing blindly for my varifocals, barely visible in the silt...

No pictures. My camera survived but, discretion being the better part of valour, it stayed on the bank.


Julie Logue said...

A delighful haven beyond the gate that is almost hidden by the seasonal flurish of this field of gold. I am so pleased you ventured out to explore my earlier find, and glad that you had the insight, as is characteristic of you, to take your camera and capture the Lion in the Rock and the Elephant in the tree....truly lovely..

Lynda McDonald said...

The pictures are fantastic ! How do you see things that other people don't ?

But,the barley,lovely colours,but I absolutely hate the stuff !

Why ?? Because of what it does to my body ! What ?? I hear you ask,I have Coeliac Disease. And barley,along with wheat,rye & oats all contain gluten,which hurts my insides,often beyond recognition.

My insides,looke like your pictures of mountains,instead of thin filaments wafting in the breeze !

So while I love the photos,I can't but wish they were of something else.

Please Richard,pictures of clouds or sheep or water,then I can think of nice things lol..............