Sunday, 20 November 2011

Moving Air

Awoke to further intrusion from an unelected nonegenarian informing the country that he finds the concept of wind turbines unacceptable.

I on the other hand have no say in the matter of whether or not to allow monarchy to intrude on my life and assume the right to the oxygen of publicity. Or the oxygen I share with them for that matter.

Time for a revolution I think.

Its just that there's not enough wind.

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tearose68 said...

Well I ,for one , adore wind turbines, finding them graceful and elegant . I love their sleek lines and the way they 'swoop' and most of all the 'green-ness' !
I wonder if there was similar resistance to the more traditional windmills when they were first introduced ?
My family think I'm mad , but I prefer my madness to any ecological disaster.
Wind Turbines ...You Rock !!