Sunday, 17 April 2011

The auld mune

Out with Alfie In the garden, paying attention to his routines whilst he paid attention to the odours of the evening. I found myself unexpectedly laughing at the moon.
As Alfie gains great pleasure from his empty bowl. When finished it's only function is to tickle his interest in it's stainless reflecting surface.

My interest was captured wholly by the pale pink moon.

In the same way I think. The moon's function, pulling seas around and foiling clear views done until a later time my heart was tugged and memory spun back to school. To English class. To Iain Crichton Smith and his love for Hugh MacDairmid.

The Bonnie Broukit Bairn

Mars is braw in crammasy,
Venus in a green silk goun,
The auld mune shak's her gowden feathers,
Their starry talk's a wheen o' blethers,
Nane for thee a thochtie sparin'
Earth, thou bonnie broukit bairn!
- But greet, an' in your tears ye'll drown
The haill clanjamfrie!

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