Saturday, 12 September 2009

The tenants have gone..

Able to retrieve the nest from the eaves now the weather has finally rendered it obviously abandoned. It is possible to look at the structure close up and make comparisons, draw links and even source the original building suppliers...

An examination of the paper outer walls reveals colours that exactly match the fencepost below the nest. The to and fro of the builder wasps in the spring and early summer rendered the path between fence and wall a daily adventure.

The Dodecahedron

dodecahedron The Dodecahedron (DDH) is the pattern or axial arrangement used by the unit Flux, it is stackable hyperbolically and absolutely the most efficient way to pack space with the least amount of material (Properties of Energy & Matter

by James Clifford Cranwell 2/17/98 )

So far so good.. Wasps agree with physicists. Unbeknown to them, the physicists have extrapolated this property of the movement of energy and have suggested that the universe itself may depend upon a honeycomb structure. The wasp's universe already does.

C is a constant, as is this pattern. Without the simple rightness of the form, the Cern detector, 'Alice' would not function.

(A particle detector, yesterday)

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