Monday, 14 July 2008

Visible strings and the lasting effect...

For those of us with acute and fond memories of the late 1950's and early 1960's, a selection of personally meaningful images and links... If ever there was an argument for 'Smellyvision' this would be it. Just think..

Cherry Lips.. Bassets Sweet Tobacco.. Sherbert Pips.. Kunzel Cakes..
Bazooka Joe.. Creamola Foam..
Birds Instant Whip..
Walls Neapolitan Ice Cream..

Twizzle.. Torchy the Battery Boy.. Supercar..

Dixon.. (I remember this very one!).. Tales of the Riverbank.. Hamster abuse of the lowest order!


Sue said...

Now I can't stop watching Dixon of Dock Green! What a gem. We all loved Z Cars but wondered how they caught any criminals when the Police drove Ford Anglias - ours could barely do 50 downhill, when it wasn't busy rusting. I remember loving Spanish Gold tobacco and the red waxy paper it was wrapped in (same as the bread) but my favourite bubble gum was liquorice flavoured Black Cat. And melty Flying Saucers were nice, too. Where I came from (County Durham), us kids called these cheap sweets 'ket'. I have no idea why.

joan said...

Ah such fond memories of such confectionary. Cherry lips were one of my favourites, as were flying saucers and floral gums.