Sunday, 22 June 2008


Another hiatus.. But a return to the online journal.

I have a battle on with Orange who have unfailingly provided me with a telephone for years and cheerfully accepted my custom and cash.

Through the Carphone Warehouse, I am suddenly saddled with a contract for a product I cannot use.
Eager to retain my links with friends and family as well as this facility, whilst moving to 'God's Kingdom' I asked for a suitable connection method that did not require a landline.

The helpful young lad in Carphone Warehouse assured me that they sold wireless units to people in this circumstance all the time. 'Of course ther'll be a signal, it never drops. Look, there's the coverage..'
Reassured I signed and left, anticipating hassle free broadband at a very competetive £15.00 a month.

Will I never learn?

So, with BT safely managing my online life and the so called 'Dongle' returned to the shop, Orange and the 'Warehouse are trying their best to accommodate my request that the service be terminated. Predictably, neither have facilities that make it easy to do.

As I pointed out to the nice lady at Orange customer services, if getting connected was as difficult as being disconnected from a service you cannot use, who would sign up?

Rant over.

For now.

A good suggestion prompts:- Sale Of Goods Act Information.

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